Unfaithful Spouses More Likely to Drive German Cars

Keith Griffin
August 7, 2014

Jimmy Soul sang in his 1963 hit, “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, make an ugly woman your wife.” Also make sure your prospective partner doesn’t drive a German car. That could be a sign of an unfaithful spouse.

At least that’s the premise put forth by British website IllicitEncounters.com. It says a survey of its 900,000 members shows Mercedes Benz drivers beat out both Audi and BMW to take the title of most adulterous car owners. Rounding out the Top 5 are Toyota (Let’s Go Places!) and Volkswagen.

BMW 435
BMW 435

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Of course it’s possible that people signing up for a website called IllicitEncounters.com might just be lying about the cars they own. After all, you’re more likely to hook up with a guy driving a Beemer than you are a Kia.

Which brings us to the next point. What car do faithful types drive? Well you can’t call them entirely faithful because, after all, they are members of a website called IllicitEncounters.com. But it seems as if Nissan owners might be the most faithful of the lot.


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Surprisingly, somewhat, is Jaguar owners are the third most loyal, according to the survey. They’re even more faithful than Kia owners. Frankly, I’d think pulling up to a date in a Jaguar F-Type would be more attractive than a Kia Forte, but that’s just me.

One last telling fact about the members of the website could be that maybe their infidelity can best be reflected in the fact they only keep their cars for three years. Or, it could just mean they like to lease. Maybe cheating and leasing go hand in hand.

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