Toyota Supra Concept Bound for Detroit Auto Show?

Jeff Perez
December 7, 2013

If this is the first you are reading of rumors regarding the (hopefully) upcoming new Toyota Supra, this is probably the first time you’re reading our site. We’ve offered plenty of speculation and the latest from the rumor-mill. We even put together an original rendering of what this mean machine could look like (which you can see here). But is a Supra concept actually headed to Detroit?

According to Autoblog, recent rumblings from Toyota execs have suggested a new Toyota Supra concept will be on display at the Detroit Auto Show — placed precariously in the same convention hall as the Acura NSX, of course. This “400+ horsepower hybrid sports car” would likely be a follow up to the FT-HS concept we saw back in 2007, albeit with some new details.

Toyota Supra Concept 2
Toyota Supra Concept 2

The question is: are any of these reports based in merit? We’d like to believe so, although, we’ll take this news with a grain of salt. Either way, stay tuned to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show if the Supra does make a surprise appearance.

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