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Shocker: Honda Announces a New Ridgeline in 2 Years

Craig Fitzgerald
December 11, 2013

What’s this? Honda’s perennial last-in-line, unchanged-since-2005 Honda Ridgeline pickup/SUV/sedan thing is getting a redesign?

Secret Shame: We’ve always loved the Ridgeline. Yeah, it’s not suited for plowing or anything that requires a low range, but we’ve seen people do a lot more work with them than these unibody trucks were ever built for. Towing, four-wheeling, freighted with hay, Ridgelines have been everywhere.

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And unlike every other small pickup on the market — not that there are any of those left — the Ridgeline is strangely comfortable, mile after mile.


The profile sketch of the Ridgeline that Honda intends to produce in two years looks — unfortunately — bigger than the truck it replaces.

“The next generation Ridgeline will build on Honda’s role in creating new value with a new take on advancing form and function in the truck segment,” said Michael Accavitti, senior vice president of automobile operations for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “With a clear path forward, Ridgeline will play an even more important role in our future product portfolio and strengthen an already class-leading lineup of light trucks.”

Hmmpf. That’s not telling us anything.

What we do know is that the current Ridgeline gets phased out in mid-2014, and that sales of the current model are up 29 percent. Get ‘em while they’re something resembling hot.

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