Searching for Joe Strummer’s lost wheels in “I Need A Dodge”

May 22, 2013

In the early 1970s, Dodge gave Europeans a sip of American muscle-car moonshine by building the 3700 GT in Spain, a cousin of the Plymouth Valiant with styling tweaks, a Euro-grade interior and a Slant Six that towered above the continent's field of four-cylinder motors. It was a cool enough combination 15 years later to catch the eye of Clash co-founder Joe Strummer during his exile in Spain — even though he later lost it in a Madrid parking garage. That loss, and the search for Strummer's car, sparked filmmaker Nick Hall's documentary on the late rocker's wilderness years, "I Need A Dodge." Hall' has started a fund-raising campaign to finish his movie — and in the teaser below, shows just how far he'd have to go to track down Strummer's old wheels.

'I Need a Dodge!' Trailer from Tindog films on Vimeo.