Saleen Announces Electric Vehicle Production

Jeff Perez
December 6, 2013

Long time Mustang tuner Saleen looks to be taking a different route. With the announcement of the S8 supercar at the LA Auto Show, Saleen now tells us that engineers are hard at work on an electric vehicle. Yup, an EV.

What will this electric car turn out to be, though — a successor to the S7 (pictured)? A Mustang? Or something in-between? We’re not entirely sure just yet, as Saleen is still keeping all the details under wraps:

Saleen S7
Saleen S7

“I’m not prepared to give all the details of our electric vehicle project yet,” says Steve Saleen, “But I can tell you that it is unlike anything currently in the marketplace…This vehicle will be revolutionary in its aesthetics and mechanics.”

While this “revolutionary” new vehicle does sound promising, we’ll be keeping a close eye out on any more news from Saleen.

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