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Wee-little Honda Grom motorcycle delivers full-sized fun on a budget

Wee-little Honda Grom motorcycle delivers full-sized fun on a budgetWee-little Honda Grom motorcycle delivers full-sized fun on a budget

As motorcycle companies target next-generation riders, Honda has taken a creative tack in launching its 125cc Grom. This small sport bike is a ¾-scale motorcycle that delivers full-sized fun on a budget.

Priced at just $2,999, the Grom offers affordable, around-town transportation in a simple package, without apparent cost-cutting measures. Especially appealing to new riders, the Grom is an easy ride. It feels relatively torquey and proves rather forgiving of gear selection, making it a cinch to hop on and traverse a busy city. Plus, its narrow size helps in tight confines.

Overall, our riders find the power to be adequate, but underwhelming at speed, especially compared to larger bikes our team is more accustomed to riding. It runs out of steam above 45 mph, reinforcing its around-town mission. The brakes bite well, with strong grip in the front. The suspension feels a bit underdamped, leaving us wanting a bit more polish, especially when riding (gulp) two up, but frankly, it seems appropriate.

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Riders of various scales were surprised that the Grom didn’t feel as small in the saddle as it looks, although a couple commented that the handle bars are a bit closer than preferred.

Named after an endearing term for a talented young surfer, the Grom motorcycle seems to be well executed for attracting budget-limited dudes (and dudettes) seeking fun, affordable transportation. The Grom is a bit more entertaining than basic scooters at its price, and there is an amusing element to its wee size.

Another great audience for this tiny bike is RVers. Its light 225-lb. weight would make the Grom an easy mount behind a camper, and it would be handy for running minor local errands. There are probably a dozen other such uses beyond beach combing and campus crossing that add appeal to this unique bike.

But for those riders looking to travel to the next town and beyond, we’d recommend saving up for a larger-scale ride.

Jeff Bartlett

Wee-little Honda Grom motorcycle delivers full-sized fun on a budget

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