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A Time-Traveling Lamborghini in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’?

The Dallas Buyers Club has certainly earned all of the praise that it has received. Thought we have a bit of a question for the director, Jean-Marc Vallee. Either the 50-year old Montreal native is not much of a car fan– or a very big one. How else could you explain the rather obvious flub.

In the film, there is a poster behind the chair of Matthew McConauhey’s character Ron Woodruff, in his makeshift office. The car is a Lamborghini, which was certainly a car company around in 1985, however the vehicle shown in the poster is a little futuristic, even for Lambo’s styling the 80s.

A Time-Traveling Lamborghini in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’?

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That’s because the car in the poster is none other than a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. As the name suggests, it has a 700-horsepower V12 powerplant and an advanced all-wheel drive system– two things of which Lambo was not capable in 1985. The car of the day was the Countach. Sure, it had a V12, but it “only” made 375 horsepower– 448 in the case of the Quattrovalvole.

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So just a reminder, either the folks behind Dallas Buyers Club are big Aventador fans…or (more likely) they don’t know a socket set from a differential, and don’t know squat about cars.