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Terrible Tuner: Meet the Worst Toyota Celica of All Time

In order to embrace the tuner genre, you really have to have an open mind. One man’s crap is another man’s prized import hatchback with graphics and oversized exhaust. To each their own, I say– but this is taking things too far. What you see before you is a Toyota Celica Coupe drag car that is not really a drag car at all. Prepare to have your Saturday morning ruined.

Following the demise of the much-loved Supra, Toyota began a downspin of offering cars that were less and less compelling, resulting in the milquetoast assortment of vehicles they offer now. Along that way, one vehicle that swirled around the drain for a while was the seventh-generation Toyota Celica. The front wheel drive coupe looked like it could move, but was a shell of its former self. This led many tuners to take it upon themselves to make the Celica compelling, and some have done so with questionable results– a prime example we have here today.

Terrible Tuner: Meet the Worst Toyota Celica of All Time

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Oh sweet mercy, where do we begin. First off, it’s a Celica, so that’s strike one. Next up is the fact that it’s a road-legal car made to look like a drag racer. That’s damn-near inexcusable.


Then you notice that is has a freaking parachute pack in the back. For. A. Celica.


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But the worst part? The most inexcusable part? The I’m-worse-than-the-guy-who-came-up-with-Duck-Dynasy part? That this car doesn’t have power going to the big, fat rear wheels. This is a freaking front wheel drive car. I don’t know how you deal with that.


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