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Spotted: Future Chevy CUV Testing in AZ?

We were out in the desert in Arizona yesterday, driving the all-new 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD and GMC Sierra 2500HD, when we happened upon something peculiar. It was something often seen on the internet but seldom seen in person. No, it was not the elusive Jackalope, but a heavily camouflaged future vehicle, out testing in the desert.

If automakers had their way, they would have massive testing facilities in every climate in the world, but in reality, they are sometimes required to drive their future vehicles on the open road. Given that situation, an automaker would prefer not having to show the world its future vehicle on the open road, so they heavily cammo the vehicles, like the compact crossover/wagon that you see before you.

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Spotted: Future Chevy CUV Testing in AZ?

This vehicle was spotted on Rt 87 in AZ, northeast of Scottsdale. It is a apparently some high-riding crossover vehicle. It has wagon proportions, but sits a bit higher than an out-and-out wagon. It might have been because we were behind the wheel of a GMC Sierra, but some design elements struck me as being GM-based. If you follow the window lines under the cammo, and past the rear window, it comes to a point much like a Chevrolet Sonic or Spark. The integration of roof rails also lend me to believe this is a Chevy.

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The front end has a very sculpted hood, and the headlights have advanced HID directional components that would turn with the wheel. But the giveaway that this could be a Chevy is out back, where the only exposed area are the taillights. These units have strong, built in character lines, similar to other Chevrolet products.

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Several automakers have proving grounds and testing facilities in Arizona. GM has one in Yuma, which is more than two hours from where this potential people mover was spotted. Chrysler’s desert proving grounds are located in Yucca, which is closer to Las Vegas than it is to Phoenix. But then there is Ford, which has a facility in Whittmann, AZ– the outskirts north of Phoenix.


In spite of the location, we’re still convinced that this vehicle could possibly a future Chevrolet vehicle. The American automaker lacks a truly compelling small car. The Sonic and Spark are too unrefined, and the Cruze has always been a little lackluster. This could be a future Chevrolet compact wagon…but what would it be called? How about Nomad? We’ll field your angry responses in the comments below.