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Sights and Sounds: Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance [w/video]

We took a hop and a skip on over to the 6th annual Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance in South Florida. Normally, we’re not the Concours type, but there were some sights (and sounds) that really caught our fancy while we were on the lawn of the beautiful Boca Raton Resort.

Check out these sportcoat-wearing wealthy fools and their equally wealthy rides:

Sights and Sounds: Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance [w/video]

Only two — that’s right, two — of these Bentley racers were ever built. And during its 12 race season, it picked up 10 victories. Not bad, not bad at all.

Concours 3 copy

The clean lines of the Triumph TR6 had us tripping over our feet to get to it. And that blue paint scheme is stunning.

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Concours 4 copy

If you don’t know the Sunbeam Tiger, it’s a British-born sportster with a Shelby-sourced high-performance V8. It’s pretty much everything you could ever want in a 60s era coupe.

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Concours 5 copy

The Maserati Merak was introduced in 1972 under the influence of the Bora. Later on DeTomaso bought Maserati (believe it or not), and created a car of their own. But we’ll get to that one later in the list.

Concours 6 copy

Only 97 cars ever came out of the Buffalo-based Playboy Automobile’s factory, and this was one of them. As a “preserved” model, this 1948 Coupe had some light refurbishments, if any. A very rare find.

Concours 7 copy

Nothing like some classic American wings to set the mood.

Concours 8 copy

This is the Fiat Jolly, and it’s mostly adorable with its little mustache and wicker seats.

Concours 10 copy

This classic Mustang came to show the Euro-boxes who is really boss.

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Concours 11 copy

It may look like a classic, but this modern Sport Special Roadster was developed by developed by a team at Creative Workshop — a South Florida-based company. It even had some massive Brembo brakes.

Concours 12 copy

As with any good Concours, the Gullwings showed up in numbers. This stunning 300SL was ready to show the crowd just how the nickname “Gullwing” was coined.

Concours 14 copy

The counterpart to the Maserati Merak, the DeTomaso Pantera was introduced in 1971, and had a 20-year production run before its end in 1991.

Concours 15 copy

Part of the Isetta family, the BMW600 was the four-seat microcar Germany introduced to the world in 1957.

Concours 17 copy

And of course, the more modern Alfa Romeo 8C looks right at home amongst the crowd of classics.

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Sponsoring the whole even was Mercedes-Benz. And with them, they brought along some turn of the century race cars, which they proceeded to start up.

It sounded glorious.

Best in Show: Honda S600

Concours 16 copy

Our choice for best  in show goes to this stunning Honda S600. This lovable little Japanese convertible came with 90 horsepower when it was introduced in 1964. Sadly, production lasted only two years. This example was one of the only Japanese cars on display.

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Runner Up: Volkswagen Kharmann Ghia

Concours 9 copy

And our choice for runner up goes to the quirky Volkswagen Kharmann Ghia. Volkswagen began producing the Karmann Ghia in 1955 (pictured here is a 1967), and over 445,000 Karmann Ghias were produced in Germany between 1955 and 1974. You don’t get design like that in modern VW’s.

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