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Seven Super Track-Day Cars

Alright, so you say you’re in the market for a new toy, and it doesn’t need to be a daily driver. In fact, you’d prefer it exclusively for any and all weekend automotive activities. Now, you could go for a classic, maybe something American, Japanese- or you could go for something a little more race-y, if you catch my drift. Track cars- the ultimate automotive expression for the mostly more well-off enthusiasts. But there’s a lot to choose from. Companies now more than ever seem to be infusing this exclusive and important aspect into their lineup.

Don’t believe me? Here are seven of the steamiest track cars on the market today…

Ariel Atom

Seven Super Track-Day Cars

Any well-versed enthusiast should be able to tell you up and down about the Ariel Atom. And for good reason. It’s sharp, it’s eager, it looks like a sexy spaceship- oh, and it comes with a 475-hp V8, which in terms of power-to-weight ratio, makes the Bugatti Veyron look like a Toyota Prius.

BAC Mono

BAC Mono

Another tried and tested competitor in the track-car game is and always will be BAC. The Mono- complete with a 2.3L 4-cylinder engine good for some 280-hp- has been given the seal of approval by numerous enthusiasts around the world, and with a central driving position, it makes you feel more at one with the road than ever before.

Lucra LC740

Lucra LC470

American born and bred- our friends at Lucra sure know how to make one mean track car. A 630-hp Corvette ZR1-sourced V8 powers up the LC740 to 60 mph in a blistering 2.5 seconds and straight on to a top speed of well over 200 mph.

Aspid Invictus GT-21

Aspid GT21 Invictus

The Invictus may seem like a bit of a long shot in the realm of Ariel Atoms and BAC Monos, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see that its Super Sport sibling is one bad machine (in a good way). So far, Aspid hasn’t pushed the Invictus to the limit, but on looks alone, the thing should absolutely kill.

Ultima GTR

Ultima GTR

When the GTR came out in 2007, it was known as “the fastest accelerating and decelerating supercar of all time.” Which is awesome. Now though, it’s grown up some and become a little more mature, sporting 640-hp, and still as fast to 60.

Caterham Seven Supersport R

Caterham Seven Supersport 2

UK’s own Caterham has been known the world ’round for their ultimate Seven sportscar. Officially on the market since the early ’70s, it wasn’t until the 21st century that the Seven got a major upgrade via the Supersport R and took to the track with 180-hp.

Lotus T125

Lotus T125

The ultimate of all ultimate track day cars- get ready, your million dollar Lotus F1 chariot awaits you. Back in 2010, Lotus officially announced plans to mock up five examples for customers, and it’s not just a track day- oh no, it’s a full track experience. Complete with a pit crew, 650-hp and the full day of racing. So, if you have a million bucks to blow, do this now.