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MAX BMW Motorsport Builds a New R90S – Out of a Catalog

If there’s anything BMW is really, really good at, it’s providing an inventory of parts that date back to the old days. The company proved it when it built a fresh BMW 2002 a few years back, and now MAX BMW Motorsport — a great dealer with stores in Hampton, NH, Brunswick, NY and Troy, NY — has built an all-new 2014 BMW R90S completely out of new parts ordered directly from BMW…and they did it in a week. The BMW R90S is an icon. It was BMW’s first real sportbike. It’s the first bike to ever come from the factory with a fairing. Astride one, Reg Pridmore won the inaugural United States AMA Superbike Championship in 1976. It took fusty BMW out of the dark ages and put it smack in the middle of the motorcycle wars of the 1970s.

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MAX BMW Motorsport Builds a New R90S – Out of a Catalog

Three technicians — representing all of MAX BMW Motorsport’s locations — were involved in the build. All of the parts were ordered directly from BMW and shipped to the location on New Hampshire’s abbreviated seacoast.

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The team put the wrenches to the parts beginning at 9:00 am on December 17th. At 11 am on December 20th, they hung the luggage from the frame, took photos, and had MAX BMW Motorsport president Max Stratton out on the local roads for an inaugural cruise.


It’s a testament to the technical prowess of the guys turning those wrenches, for sure. But it’s also a rolling advertisement for the wealth of real-deal vintage BMW replacement parts. Sure, you can order enough Camaro parts out of a catalog to build a new car, but it’s going to come “licensed” by Chevrolet, from a factory in China.





This is a real-deal 1975 BMW R90S, as close to factory fresh as you’re going to get, and it might be the coolest thing in vintage motorcycling right now.

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