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Man Builds Lamborghini From Scraps, In Kyrgyzstan

So, you want a Lamborghini but you don’t have the $400,000? You could steal one, but the practice is generally frowned upon (it’s also pretty illegal). Or you could be like this resourceful craftsman in Kyrgyzstan, who built a replica Lamborghini out of nothing but scrap metal, and cannibalized car parts.

Dubbed the “Kyrgyz Lamborghini,” the car features the chassis from a 1980s Volvo, and scrap pieces of plastic and carbon steel. The NY Daily News story references the Lamborghini Aventador in the post, but we know better. Those red triangles betray the true inspiration, the Sesto Elemento Concept.

Man Builds Lamborghini From Scraps, In Kyrgyzstan

The black wheels are from a BMW X5, setting off the whole package. It may not drive like a Lambo, but you can certainly look like one for a fraction of the price. According to the report, the car was being pushed when it was spotted, suggesting that there is no engine. When a powerplant is installed, we can’t wait to see this replica Lamborghini under power!

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Image Credit: NBC/RTV