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GT6 Red Bull X2014 Concept is Scary Fast, Scary Cool

Believe it or not, there are a lot of restrictions that go into many of today’s modern Formula 1 cars. Regulations limiting amount of downforce, power, etc. But what if someone gave Red Bull Racing the keys to build an open-wheel race car– sans F1 regulations? Well, it would likely present itself a piece of racing perfection, as you can plainly see here.

This is the Gran Turismo 6 Red Bull X2014 concept — a Formula 1 car free of restrictions. Point blank, it’s the fastest race car that could ever be built. Ever. The only problem is, it’s in a video game, and it’s never actually going to be driven in real life. Le sigh…

GT6 Red Bull X2014 Concept is Scary Fast, Scary Cool

Created by Red Bull master designer Adrian Newey, the X2014 is an example in extreme engineering. Available in three different guises, the X2014/F comes with a more powerful intake system, the X2014/J is a more subtle, “junior” version of the car, and of course, the X2014/S is the standard, yet still equally insane version. All of which available for play when Gran Turismo 6 hits stores.

PHOTOS: See More of the 2013 Red Bull X2014 Concept

But just how fast is this mean machine? According to Red Bull, the X2014 lapped the dreaded Nurburgring a full 30 seconds faster than the standard Red Bull F1 car (virtually, of course). While the X2014 is lightyears faster in racing terms, the g-force going into corners would be too much for any human to handle without blacking out. Now that is scary fast.

Red Bull

Red Bull likely won’t build a real-life version of the concept, which is unfortunate. But if you manage to snag the latest GT6, you’ll be able to drive the most insane F1 car ever built, which is pretty cool.