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Fool Everyone in this Ferrari 458 Replica, Now for Sale

Got a chunk of change burning a hole in your pocket? Want to impress around the office? Perfect, we have the Ferrari 458 just for you. But there is one little catch.

Located in the UK, someone is hawking this 2000 Ferrari 458 Italia for $80,000 (£47,950). Yeah, if that 14-year-old model year isn’t a hint enough, this isn’t a real 458, but it might just be one of the best looking replicas we’ve seen in some time.

Fool Everyone in this Ferrari 458 Replica, Now for Sale

The Autotrader posting reveals that the imitation 458 sports many genuine Ferrari parts, and we’d have to agree. From the outside, you’d need a keen eye to spot this one as a fake…the interior, not so much.

The posting lists a 2.5-liter V6 engine done-up to resemble the 458’s signature 4.5-liter V8, although the 570hp output and 202mph top speed do seem a bit optimistic. Like the real thing, power goes to the back wheels. Unlike the original, this car sources a manual gearbox rather than the 458’s dual-clutch automated manual.

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No mention of the original donor car for the project is given, so your guess is as good as ours. The Ferrari packs air-conditioning, a CD/MP3 player, and traction control. Derived from what? Who knows.

For $80,000 and sporting 51,000 miles – it’s certainly a gamble; you could buy a used Prancing Horse from the ‘80s for much less. But you might not get as many looks.

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