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CascoRosso Concept: Ferrari’s 250 GTO Reborn

In 1962, Ferrari announced the 250 GTO. In 2012, it announced the F12berlinetta — a sort of successor to said classic touring car. But in a few years, we’re bound to see yet another gorgeous Ferrari in the Maranello-based automaker’s lineup, and we hope it looks this drop dead gorgeous.

The Ferrari CascoRosso concept may very well be that new car. Created by automotive designer Dejan Hristov, the CascoRosso blends lines from the F12, with that of the classic 250 GTO. Both of which given a modern treatment with some sharper edges and an aggressive face.

CascoRosso Concept: Ferrari’s 250 GTO Reborn

But this concept isn’t all show and no go. Hristov says that the concept would be powered by a hybridized Ferrari engine, similar to the KERS system currently in use on the LaFerrari: “A front engine, but also as hybrid with battery placement behind the cabin which enables better distribution of the weight.”

Of course, this is all speculation. But the CascoRosso does represent more than itself. After nearly 50 years, and millions upon millions of dollars worth of 250 GTO sold, the designer hopes that this concept would go down in Ferrari history as an Italian masterpiece as well.

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