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Cars and Coffee: Where The Enthusiast Is Born

It goes by many names. Cars and Coffee, Caffine & Carburators, etc, but the idea is a constant. In parking lots across America, folks show up on an early weekend morning, behind the wheel of their impressive performance cars. They park, walk around, check out each other’s cars, and generally continue to foster the passion for cars. Though it was founded in a Los Angeles suburb, the concept has taken hold nationally, and if you “don’t get” what being into cars is all about, do yourself a favor and come to one of these mostly impromtu shows.

This particular one was held this past Saturday, at the Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline, MA. It is one of Boston’s true hidden gems. While the cars inside are beyond impressive, the focus of this event were the vehicles in the parking lot and the front lawn:

Cars and Coffee: Where The Enthusiast Is Born

Like that McLaren MP4-12C and this excellent older take on a Saleen Mustang:


There were roadsters old and new, such as this MG TC and Ferrari F430, parked side-by-side:


There were all manner of supercars old and new as well. Check out this lightly modified Audi R8 parked next to the original supercar- the Jaguar E-Type:


For those in the Volkswagen tuning genre, this is close to as good as it gets:


And you don’t specifically have to be a Mercedes-Benz guy to appreciate this wild take on the already-badass CLK63 AMG Black Series:


But at the end of the day, this photo, of a 2004 Corvette Z06 Anniversary Edition and a 1962 ‘Vette sum up what these events are all about; car guys young and old getting together to share their passion for what they love most!