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The New Camaro Should Look Like This, And Have A Four-Cylinder

There’s a lot of hubbub surrounding the new Mustang and it’s four-cylinder engine. But we’re still trying to figure out what the hell everyone is complaining about? The new Mustang looks infinitely better, and the 4-cylinder engine will likely be better than the V6. Besides, emission standards.

That being said, the Camaro is next in line to get a major makeover, thankfully. The current generation was impressive when it first debuted in 2008, but as of late, Chevy has been adding some new features that have made it much less appealing. If you haven’t already figured out, Camaro faithful probably won’t like where I’m going with this.

But the Camaro needs an overhaul, and soon. Like the Mustang, it should gain a 4-cylinder engine — no ifs, ands or buts about it. Chevy will keep the V6 and V8 options alive, obviously, but there’s no way around emission standards and staying alive in a changing market. Lighter and smaller are the ways of the future.

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The New Camaro Should Look Like This, And Have A Four-Cylinder

As for design, it should definitely look somewhere similar to this rendering here by Car and Driver. Chevy has to incorporate the Camaro into its design language, without losing sight of what the Camaro actually is. It’s still muscular, and it still has a presence, but the design needs to be more sophisticated to appeal to a narrowing market.

A new Camaro will likely be here in 2017, and everyone will likely complain about it being ugly and underpowered. But the fact of the matter is, the future of the industry isn’t about massive engines or quarter miles, it’s about efficiency, lightness and technology. Cars will still be plenty powerful and they’ll still be a hoot to drive, but it’s evolve or die out there. We hope Chevy chooses the former.

Oh, and one more thing; Push. Button. Ignition. Please.

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