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New Audi Technology Will Keep You from Waiting at Red Lights

City and residential driving trips can often be plagued by a sea of red lights. But Audi thinks you should never have to wait at a red light again, thanks to some nifty new technology.

Originally introduced as a prototype at CES, the Smart City Traffic Light Assistance system puts to use data sent to the vehicle via Wi-Fi. The display will tell the driver just how fast they need to be going in order to catch the green light, and if they do get caught at a red, just how long they’re going to have to wait.

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New Audi Technology Will Keep You from Waiting at Red Lights

Audi boasts that this new technology will cut emissions of its vehicles by 15%, thanks to the systems synchronization with already existing start-stop technology. This, reportedly, will save about 2.37 million gallons (900 million liters) of fuel per year in Germany alone.

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But when will this advanced new system be put in place? Sooner than you think. With the ‘prototype’ making its debut at CES late last year, Audi engineers say that the system is now “production ready and could be fitted to every Audi model in the range subject to the necessary government legislation.”

Audi Traffic Light Tech 2

We expect the final production version to be revealed later this year, with production-ready vehicles receiving the technology sometime in 2015 (if not sooner).

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