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Porsche Engine Teardown is the Coolest Thing You’ll See Today [video]

George Kennedy
February 10, 2014

Of the air-cooled Porsche engines, one of the most revered is the 3.2-liter flat six from the Carrera 3.2. Introduced in 1984, it replaced the previous 3.0-liter, and was claimed to be 80 percent new compared to the old engine. When new, this engine allowed the Carrera 3.2 to make 231 horsepower and hit a top speed of 152 mph. And to get some of that original luster back, sometimes you need to do a complete rebuild, like in this video.

Someone with a ton of time on their hands created a stop-motion video of a 3.2-liter 911 engine teardown. As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done, and the process is entirely fascinating:

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With this video, you also see some of the common issues with an old engine that may have been sitting for a long time. Acorns left over from when a squirrel are easy to clean out, while the worn out head gasket is a common problem.

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Porsche pistons
Porsche pistons

Also note how the piston rods were held in place with rubber bands. Pretty cool trick, and overall a pretty cool video– one that we be you’ll watch more than once!

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