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Porsche 921 Vision Is A Reimagined Front-Engine Porsche

Jeffrey N. Ross
May 7, 2014

It’s been almost 20 years since Porsche last offered a front-engine sports coupe, but rumors of such a car have been spreading ever since the Panamera first hit the scene. While there have been plenty of Photoshop jobs running around to show what a Porsche 928 successor might look like, graphic designer Anthony Colard put his skills to give us his take on what this Porsche should be: the Porsche 921 Vision.

PHOTOS: Porsche 921 Vision by Anthony Colard

Based on a description from Colard, the Porsche 921 Vision took two weeks to design as part of a job application at Porsche. Colard definitely knows his Porsche styling with his design project having the face of the 918 Spyder and a rear end inspired by the current 911. The best part of this design might be the modern interpretation of the 928’s classic rear hatch and window design. Unfortunately, the front-engine layout and four-passenger cabin leaves the 921 Vision looking more like an Aston Martin than a Porsche model.

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While he’s dreaming, Colard also equipped the Porsche 921 Vision with a 400-hp V8 capable of allowing the car to top out at around 174 mph. If it were us, we would have given the imaginary front-engine Porsche the same 570-hp V8 from the Panamera Turbo S, because if such a car were to exist, it would almost certainly share a platform with the Panamera and Cayenne.

In addition to the vehicle itself, the images also gave Colard the opportunity to play around with the ideas of what a Porsche dealership should be. For this, he combines black floor tiles with indirect lighting incorporated into the walls giving a mean effect to the car.

Head over to Colard’s website for images of the Porsche 921 Vision as well as other projects he’s worked on.

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