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Nokia 2651

A little history: The non-Telecom Nokia

The seeds of Nokia Corporation was sown in a rubber products company founded in 1865. It worked in many industries with lots of ups and downs and finally decided to focus on telecommunications industry. The company has even had the trauma of one of its CEO's committing suicide, supposedly owing to bad business.

Image: Nokia 2651

Legendary Nokia phones: A reminiscence

September 16, 2013

A legendary brand that ruled the world for an unquestioned 14 years from 1998 dissolves into oblivion. Industry insiders say Nokia phone division will be renamed Microsoft Mobile, ending an era of the classic mobile brand. Almost a year ago Microsoft bought Nokia mobile business for $7.2 billion, and the deal is set to close by the end of April. Here is a glimpse of the much lauded handsets from the house of Nokia. Images from NOKIA MUSEUM