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Isuzu Trooper
The Isuzu Trooper had quite the reputation heading into the mid 1990s—a strong one, formed around tough off-road ability, a versatile, family-sized interior, and a bulletproof reputation for reliability. It was regarded so well that even Honda partnered with the Isuzu to market a gussied-up version of it as the Acura SLX. Then in 1996 Consumer Reports singled out the Trooper for a claimed tendency to roll over in abrupt emergency maneuvers. Sales dropped notably amidst the controversy—otherwise the boom years for family-sized SUVs its size. In a defamation trial, a jury in 2000 found the magazine to have made several false statements, but that they weren't made maliciously or hadn't damaged Isuzu. History has seen it otherwise, though, as the reputation of the Trooper (and Isuzu) never did fully recover.

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