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Dodge Challenger R/T

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10 muscle car-era features that need to come back

November 9, 2013

According to Dodge’s press information from the SEMA show in Las Vegas this week, Dodge will produce 1,000 special-edition 2014 Challenger R/Ts with “shaker” hoods, which are hoods with large air intakes that protrude from an opening in the center of the hood. The name “shaker” comes from the scoop’s tendency to shake from the torque of the engine to which it is attached.

It goes without saying that this feature is stupendous, and a reminder of a once-great time for wild performance-inspired car features. Here are ten that we’d like to see back on modern cars. (By Craig Fitzgerald; Image Sources: HighPerformancePontiac.com, AutoTraderClassics.com, ClassicIndustries.com)

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