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Pontiac Aztek

10 most iconic cars of the past 25 years

February 20, 2014

There is a large portion of the gearheaded public whose hearts will always lie with the earliest incarnations of the Ford Mustang, red Corvettes and the Italian supercars whose posters lined the walls of their childhood bedrooms. But any auto enthusiast who had his or her engine revved by The Fast and The Furious films might have a soft spot for street cars 13 years old or younger. The same goes for the collections in video game series including Gran Turismo and Need For Speed, which have done just as much for auto worship in recent years as Steve McQueen films did more than 40 years ago.

The folks at auto website Cars.com realized that the automotive ring of honor could probably use some updating. An iconic car doesn't have to be famous, flashy or even well-liked: It just has to set trends, have a unique sense of style or bring enough muscle to the mix to burn itself into drivers' memories. The following 10 cars all left their mark on automotive history, for better or worse.

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