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10 Best Car Apps for Smartphones
Augmented Driving — $2.99
Available for: iOS
Let's say you own an older car. Perhaps it's something that predates front collision and lane departure warnings, and you think you're missing out. Augmented Driving provides those features along with programmable speed warnings.

Augmented Driving relies heavily on visual data coming from the camera, and it's surprisingly accurate. Some alerts, like the lane departure warning can be tiresome since the app doesn't recognize when you're signaling, but you can disable its audible alarms. We found the front collision warnings functioned well, as they could be user-adjusted to the driver's preference. As with the Witness Driving app, you'll need to purchase a windshield mount separately. Setup instructions were well illustrated and we were up and running in a matter of minutes.

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10 best car apps for smartphones

November 6, 2013

From Edmunds.com
Whether you want to find your car, your destination or the cheapest gas in the area, it can all be accomplished on your phone. Performance testing, of course, is easy with the right app. And now you can use your phone to diagnose problems or pacify the kids on a long trip. Of course, if you're car shopping, Edmunds.com has a free app to help you find the best car for your particular needs, along with pricing and dealer inventory. But humility precludes us from including it on the list.

Otherwise, our favorite automotive apps are below. The list isn't comprehensive or all-inclusive, but it's a solid collection of the most useful and entertaining car apps available today.

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