Make Your Move on this Carbon Fiber Ferrari Chess Set

Zach Doell
August 26, 2014


When is a box worth over two grand? When it’s covered in lightweight carbon fiber and wears a Ferrari logo, that’s when. For the supercar enthusiast still working their way up to 458 ownership, might we suggest this finely crafted Ferrari carbon fiber chess set, on sale now in the Ferrari store.


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The box and board itself are made from wood and dressed in a carbon fiber weave. The chess pieces are also hewn from wood and then varnished in opposing red and black paint. Included with the chess pieces are 16 red and black checkers as well.

Expectedly, the knight piece mirrors the likeness of the historic Prancing Horse, though, if we were in charge, we’d give it more of an F1 spin. The bishop would be Fernando Alonso, the rook as Kimi Raikkonen, the queen as Marco Mattiacci (F1 team principal), and of course – the king as Luca di Montezemolo.

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All totaled, the handmade set will put you back around $2,100.

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