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Mercedes-Benz Smartwatch App Plays Into Latest Tech Craze

Jeff Perez
December 26, 2013

Somehow, somewhere, smartwatches have made their way onto the 2013 tech scene– much to the chagrin of Apple. Samsung, relatively speaking, has already cornered this newfound market. But how can automakers get in and make a quick buck before this fad makes its not-so-grand exit? Mercedes-Benz may have found a way.

Teaming up with Pebble Technologies, Benz is one of the first big name automakers to make its presence known on a smartwatch. The debut will take place at 2014′s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas. This Digital DriveStyle app lets drivers know exactly where their car is located, how much fuel it has, and whether or not they left the doors unlocked.

Mercedes-Benz Smartwatch 2
Mercedes-Benz Smartwatch 2

When drivers are inside the car, DriveStyle provides navigation, possible road hazards, control of the audio systems, and much more. Hopefully it is a safer alternative to many systems available to drivers today.

More details, like when and where this new technology will be available, should be revealed at CES.

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