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McLaren P1 GTR, MSO Special Editions Headed to Pebble Beach

Jeff Perez
August 6, 2014

The McLaren P1 and 650S are two of the world’s most capable supercars. But McLaren felt that both needed a bit of a boost by its MSO (McLaren Special Operations) department. So come this year’s Pebble Beach, we’ll see three very special McLarens taking to the lawn.

The first will be the 650S MSO Spider. Seen below with the blinding blue paint job, it’s easy to notice that some minor changes have been made to the exterior. The front fascia has a new look when compared to the standard model, new wheels are fitted, and the doors sills carry MSO markings. Not much to shout about.

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The McLaren MSO P1, on the other hand— well, it doesn’t look much different either. A few markings on the side and back make it stand out from the standard variant, as well as orange accents aplenty. It even has 24 karat gold heat shields around the engine bay. How fancy.

The big reveal we’re all eagerly awaiting, though, is the McLaren P1 GTR. It was originally supposed to be a 2015 release, but being a bunch of eager beavers – McLaren decided it will show up next week at Pebble Beach, at least in the form of a “design concept.” That one will have a 980-horsepower engine and a $3.3M price tag when it goes on sale.

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All three can be seen at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance beginning Aug. 17.

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