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Man's amazing parallel parking job

Orlando Parfitt
August 15, 2011

Ask anyone what the hardest thing about learning to drive is and chances are they'll say "parallel parking."

Ronny Wechselberger, however, has no such difficulty. The precision parker, also known as Ronny C-Rock, slid his Volkswagen Polo into a parking space just 10 inches longer than his vehicle. He performed the high-speed maneuver on German television back in April, and quickly entered the record books.

Incredibly, Wechselberger's record has already been broken by Zhang Hua of China, who managed to flip his car into a space two centimeters shorter on the Guinness Book of Record's Chinese show. Sadly, video of Hua's stunt has yet to surface, but you can still watch C-Rock's spectacular effort below, which won him a Guinness World Record medal and plaque for this peculiar stunt maneuver.