Infiniti JX Concept Debuts at Pebble Beach

Davey G. Johnson
August 27, 2011


Nissan’s luxury marque has spent the better part of the summer teasing the world with shots of its new seven-passenger crossover. Some have referred to the styling as polarizing, but to our eyes, it’s one of the least-oddball things Infiniti’s turned out in a while. Armed with a version of Nissan’s excellent VQ-series V-6 spinning a continuously-variable transmission, the JX’s roots seem to lie more with Nissan’s Murano than with the 370Z-based FX. And compared to the Murano — especially the fabulously bizarre CrossCabriolet — the JX seems thoughtful and sedate; there’s a flow to it that’s missing from the belligerent-cyber-cheetah FX and the Zentraedi-battlepod QX. While both of those machines have a certain presence to them, the JX seems more elegant; lighter, more refined. Which makes sense, given that the target market is relatively-well-heeled families who either have no need to tow or no need for the pretense of being able to tow.

The production JX debuts at the LA Auto Show late this year. Expect it to invade malls, ski slopes and midlevel country clubs shortly thereafter.