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Honda Fans Petitioning to Bring Civic Type R Stateside

Jeff Perez
March 10, 2014

Oh, how everyone loves the hot and handsome Honda Civic Type R. It’s fast, it’s fun, but it will only be available to European buyers — or will it? American fans of the Civic Type R have decided to petition to bring the hot hatch to the U.S.

Putting to use the Change.org website, fans have created the “Bring the 2015 Civic Type R VTEC Turbo to North America,” petition against Honda. And it’s actually picking up some steam.

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honda-civic-type-r-concept (2)
honda-civic-type-r-concept (2)

As it sits currently, over 6,340 supporters have signed on to the cause. And only 1,070 more are needed to bring about the author’s target goal of 7,500 votes. When the goal does reach its target, we assume the author will present it before Honda execs — but that doesn’t solidify the Type R’s introduction to the U.S. market, of course.

Either way, you can head over and sign the petition here. Let’s just hope Honda execs have enough sense to listen.

honda-civic-type-r-concept (1)
honda-civic-type-r-concept (1)

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