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Ferrari Gives Every One of its Employees an Impressive Bonus

George Kennedy
April 14, 2014

What would you consider to be a good job perk? A nice break room? Hour lunch? Free snacks? Well if you worked at Ferrari– like the cars they build– everything is bigger and better. Even the perks. Don’t believe us? According to a release from Ferrari the Italian automaker just doled out some hefty bonuses.

According to Autofluence, Ferrari just gave its employees a bonus of €4096, or ($5,683). The recipient employees have already been sent two advances of €1000 ($1,382), and will see the remainder of the bonus added to their paychecks this month.

The press release from Ferrari states that the bonus is “in recognition of the excellent financial results achieved last year, not least of which were record profits, in addition to other parameters, such as levels of quality.” I suppose that’s what you could call a breathtaking car like the Ferrari F12berlinetta.

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This isn’t the first time that Ferrari has handed out considerable bonuses for its 3,000 employees. In 2013, the automaker sent checks out for about $6,000, which adds up to $18 million. Quite a way to say “job well done,” but when you are posting increased profits (even when sales are actually down), it seems like the right thing to do. I wonder how many of those employees would have to pool their bonuses together to buy a 458 Spider?

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