FAA Shuts Down Flying Beer Drone Delivery Service

George Kennedy
February 1, 2014

Imagine a cold beer. Imagine it delivered right to your door. Now imagine it delivered by a small, 8-rotor drone. It is quite the vision, and it was the vision of Jack Supple, the president of Wisconsin-based Lakemaid beer. His innovative concept for adult beverage delivery has been grounded due to a ruling by the FAA. Buncha’ party poopers…

According to Fox News, Supple got the idea from the announcement last year by Amazon that it would look into delivering packages locally using drones. But the Federal Aviation Administration has stated that there needs to be a set of rules and regulations to ensure that the sky doesn’t fall all around us.


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In this promotional video from Lakemaid beer, an attendant takes down coordinates sent from a thirsty ice fisherman. The employee straps in the cold ones, and up it goes, delivering beer to the customer at the nearby lake:

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Under the current FAA rules, small drones cannot be used for commercial use. Supple argues that he is giving the icy faithful the beer for free, but the FAA doesn’t see it that way. The administration says that the company is profiting from the attention and press that his service is getting. We think they are just pissed they didn’t think of delivering beer via drones first– the FAA should make an exception for these medium-altitude altruistic imbibement deliveries!