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Detroit Electric SP:01 Production Delayed, Again

Jeff Perez
August 26, 2013

As evidence has shown, it’s no easy feat to break into the alternative energy car market (See: Fisker). To wit, Detroit Electric is having production issues before they’ve even started making vehicles.

To backtrack: Detroit Electric’s SP:01 made its first appearance back in early April, and was claimed to be the fastest electric production vehicle in the world. If it ever gets off the ground, it’s supposed to be delivered with a manual transmission and somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-hp.

Detroit Electric SP01 2
Detroit Electric SP01 2

Early indications were that production was set to take off sometime this month. But now, The Detroit News tells us that the automaker hasn’t even secured its manufacturing facility in Plymouth, Michigan

North American President Don Graundstadt is reportedly still in negotiations with interested third parties regarding the purchase, but reports suggest that the fate of the automaker lies within these crucial next two weeks. We’ll see how this story pans out.

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