Dare you not to yell at your screen while watching this video of the worst parking job ever

John Bucher
Yahoo Autos Canada
October 16, 2013

Watching a person utterly butcher a parking job can send a spectator through an emotional arc that mimics Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's famous stages of grieving: Denial ("They can't be this bad"), Anger ("Seriously, what the hell?"), Bargaining ("Perhaps a medical/mental issue? Should I go and help?"), Depression ("Forget it, I can't watch"), and Acceptance ("Such things are, sigh, beyond my control").

I once had this exact experience, sitting in a Subway restaurant in a No. 3 Road strip mall, in Richmond, B.C., watching a woman attempt to maneuvre a silver Lexus into a wide parking stall just outside. Like this driver, pulling back and forth, each assay worsening her position, she demonstrated an ignorance of geometry and spatial reasoning that bordered on truculence. The only thing to do is put down your tuna sub, open your mouth, and watch. (After a dozen switches between D and R, she gave up and went in search of greener, presumably broader, pastures.)

There is, tragically, no information about the driver above, and although we can assume the video comes to us from Russia--most perplexing car videos do--I hesitate to guess at the driver's gender or ethnicity. These are likely the first places uncharitable commenters will look for explanation.

Whatever you say about the maddening, dental-extraction quality of this parking lot fail, it isn't as disastrous or funny as this video, one of my favourites, also from Russia. Enjoy.