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CES 2013: Leaf-based Visteon eBee offers a look at the connected car of the future

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January 10, 2013

Part of the fun of CES is seeing the cool new products coming to the market soon, but the mondo electronics trade show is also big on pulling out all the stops to give attendees a peek into the future, or at least what various manufacturers think the future might look like.

Automotive industry supplier Visteon shared their vision of the car we might see in 2020 at CES, in the form of a redone Nissan Leaf called the eBee.

The eBee is a techno freak's dream car, chock full of customizable digital displays, a 360-degree camera to provide more information of surroundings than a rearview mirror, navigation, a screen for reminder messages (pick up a loaf of bread on the way home...), you name it.

If you were to envision the eBee as a four-wheeled, transportation pod that is an extension of your smart phone, you wouldn't be far off.


Visteon's vision includes a website where users would load their preferences, from frequent destinations, to climate, to where you like your seat and mirrors positioned. (Arguably, a smart car could learn many of these things through repeated operation.)

Get in the eBee with your phone, and all that is set up for you, along with your music preferences, contact list, and whatever else you choose to set up. Get out of the car, and the data stays with you.

The flying car we've been hearing about for decades may not be here yet. But at least George Jetson will be able to stay connected while he's on the ground.

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