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“Car Shredder” Reduces Clunkers to Pieces [video]

George Kennedy
March 15, 2014

Cars everywhere should shiver in fear at the name “Hammel.” The German-based company builds large, steel-frame shredders. Many of those shredders are used to recycle all sorts of metal debris, but some are used to reduce whole cars to nothing but errant pieces of scrap.

What cars do you truly hate out there? A lowly Yugo? How about a Pontiac Aztek or Saturn L100? The Hammel VB 950DK will consume them all:

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How badly would you want to see a car decimated by this thing? I personally would like to submit my first car to the crusher. It was a terrible car, with the terrible (and terribly named) Quad-Four engine. Even if you try to take care of it and provide routine maintenance, it would run like you had not changed the oil in years.

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The person I had bought it from had installed a Blaupunkt deck. (Yes, like MacGruber) But this was not an ironic choice. Someone had actually installed this deck in this terrible car in the late 1990s. I’d remove that deck. The rest gets eviscerated by the machine.

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