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Bugatti TypeZero: The Single-Seat Racer of Enthusiasts’ Dreams

Jeff Perez
July 30, 2013

If you take a look at the current Bugatti lineup- there’s the Veyron. And then there’s some special edition Veyron’s which aren’t much different. Granted, it is a damn impressive piece of machinery, but it all feels so played out and mechanical. Where’s the passion? Where’s that certain je ne sais quoi?

That’s where the TypeZero concept comes in. Where the Veyron lacks in passion and a modern racing pedigree, design student Marc Devauze and his team at the School of Design France, chiseled out this magnificent piece of artwork for racing lovers to enjoy.


Design takes instruction from the classic Bugatti Type 35 racer of past. The only remnant of the current Bugatti design lies in the updated signature half-egg shaped grille. Otherwise, it is an open-top, single seat racer with a sleek set of lines and ready for the track.

With the singular layout, designers wanted to give the TypeZero that genuine feel of classic Formula 1 racers. The vibration from the engine, the feeling of air rushing past the driver’s helmet. A connection between man, machine and racetrack.

bugatti-typezero-concept (2)
bugatti-typezero-concept (2)

Now, with the Veyron slowly but surely making its way out of the lineup, in place of an even more powerful, more ridiculous variant, it might be the perfect time for Bugatti to start digging a little deeper in terms of production. Who knows, if it ever hit the circuit in real life, the TypeZero might just turn out to be the next great track car.

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