Bubba Watson’s (Literally) Bulletproof Custom F-150 Raptor

George Kennedy
February 28, 2014

Though many of us regard golf as something of a hobby (or source of occasional frustration), Bubba Watson calls it his profession. So what does the 35-year-old professional golfer do for his own hobby? He collects various modes of transportation, and pretty badass ones at that.

Watson owns the original General Lee 1, and he even had a hovercraft built in cooperation with Oakley and Neotric Hovercraft Inc. His latest project still involves Oakley, but is more of the sand-and-desert type of off-roading.

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01-Bubba Raptor
01-Bubba Raptor

This very epic Ford F-150 Raptor was built with help from Oakley, as you can see in the custom grille. It features a very cool “digital camouflage” wrap, but is more than just a visual piece– the entire body of the truck is bulletproof, including the windows. The truck took 6 months to complete, with 1000 hours of labor going into the build.

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02-Bubba Raptor
02-Bubba Raptor

Why Bubba need a bulletproof Raptor (which sounds like a prop for the next Jurassic Park installment), we’ll never know. We do know that Watson’s new ride is easily the bro-iest truck you’ll find in a country club parking lot!

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