Brand New BMW M4 Crashes Headfirst Into A Tree

Jeff Perez
June 24, 2014

The new BMW M4 can take on nearly any performance coupe on the market. With 430 horsepower, rear-wheel drive and a manual gearbox, not many competitors can stand up to the mighty M4. Unless, that is, you put up the new BMW coupe against an inexperienced driver and a tree.

This tree, thanks to some help from another tree, made mince meat of this brand new BMW M4 in Munich. According to the German website TZ, the 20-year-old driver just couldn’t handle all that BMW power and skidded out into the trees, making a mess of the $64,000 car.

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BMW M4 Crash
BMW M4 Crash

It’s unclear whether the M4 was the driver’s car, or more likely his parents’. Thankfully, neither he nor any bystanders were injured in the accident, although, we can’t say the same for the car.

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Photo Credit: Thomas Gaulke