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World’s largest parade of Ferrari F40s marks its 25th anniversary: Motoramic Dash


World’s largest parade of Ferrari F40s marks its 25th anniversary: Motoramic DashThis is the Motoramic Dash, a daily roundup of the most interesting automotive news.

The Ferrari F40 unveiled in 1987 was the first supercar to surpass 200 mph, and stood as the final hurrah of Enzo Ferrari before his death in 1988; it's fair to ask whether any of the technically superior followers from Ferrari and others have ever rekindled the allure the F40 created then. To mark it's 25th anniversary, the world's largest gathering of F40s was held Sunday at the Silverstone race course in England. Hear the history below.

Organizers counted 60 F40s in the group, part of the annual Silverstone Classic held every year to celebrate and race old sports cars. It wasn't just that the twin-turbo V8 good for 471 hp could launch the F40 to 60 mph in less than four seconds. It was that the F40 was the first modern supercar to combine racing engineering with road manners, a formula followed since by Lamborghini and many others.

Other news around the auto industry this morning:

Nissan Leaf dealers slashing prices: These are just dealer incentives; if Nissan puts cash on the Leaf's hood, then we'll know the worry about slow sales is real. (Green Car Congress)

2014 BMW 3-Series hatchback could be 3-Series GT: Or a 4-Series sedan. Or something else, because BMW is starting to confuse even the experts with its multiplying model line. (Car and Driver)

U.S. traffic deaths rising: Some bounceback from the record low deaths of the past few years was expected, but a worrying statistic still. (Detroit News)

Toyota's U.S. engineers become their own bosses: Toyota will soon develop models from the ground up in the United States, a first for the automaker. (Automotive News)

Smart-Brabus mark 10-year anniversary: It's the exact opposite of the F40. (Evo)