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The world’s fastest imported Supra, making 10-second cars obsolete

April 16, 2013

Toyota Supras have long been a tuner's delight; one was gloriously modified in the original Fast and the Furious movie in 2001, where Paul Walker's Brian O'Connor gave his keys to Vin Diesel, fulfilling his promise of a 10-second car. A Supra that fast remains mind-blowing, but can you imagine a 6.23 second one? Ebrahim Kanoo of E.Kanoo Racing did, smashing the record to claim the title as the world's fastest imported Supra.

Driven by Alabama drag racer Gary White, the team at E.Kanoo Racing set about the quest of beating the record previously held by Gas Motorsports at 6.25 seconds. The amazing video below documents their journey, and offers a glimpse into the world of extreme tuning. With fantastic onboard footage of White wrestling the machine down the quarter mile, it also showcases the skill and bravery required to run at over 227 mph.

But after watching this video, one thing stands above anything else — a 10-second car is so 2001 .