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Toyota Corolla Furia Concept vanishes the beige

January 14, 2013

The Toyota Corolla defines a car enthusiast's definition of "beige;" a car that's more appliance than appealing, whose sole job is to provide reliable transportation and little else. Toyota has been slowly moving away from such appearances, and as the Corolla Furia Concept unveiled in Detroit demonstrates, metallic copper is the opposite of beige.

While it's purely a styling exercise, the chiseled creases and upturned curves of the Furia concept offer a road map for where Toyota will take the next-generation Corolla — a model that's now a staid offering in a field of more exciting compact cars. (The model on the Detroit auto show stand doesn't even have an interior.) With the Lexus LF-CC and last year's Toyota NS4 concept, the Japanese automaker has shown it knows how to build fascinating concept cars. We're still waiting to see how that will translate into something that actually moves.