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Smart to build a Fortwo with wings, for cool kids only

April 22, 2013

Smart fortwo wings
Smart fortwo wings

Daimler, the parent of Mercedes-Benz and Smart, traces its heritage to the very invention of the gasoline-powered car and an empire built over a century around engineering excellence and designs of beauty. On the other hand, Smart will now build you a tiny two-seat car with fake wings, for about $43,000.

First shown at the Los Angeles auto show last year, the Smart forjeremy concept was a joint project with fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who operates in that rarefied air where he can be both hailed as a creative genius while appearing to trick wealthy people into paying top dollar for ugly clothes. Since the wing is his trademark symbol, Scott modified a Smart ForTwo by sticking a pair on its haunch, along with swaddling the interior in leather.

The production version — and once again, let me emphasize that the world's oldest and most successful automaker will actually sell this thing for use on public roads – can be bought with either the regular Smart 102-hp engine or one of two electric drivetrains for European customers at an additional charge; there's no indication it will fly across the Atlantic. While it keeps the leather-trimmed interior of the concept, unlike the original the wings do not also act as brake lights.

Said Scott: "I wanted to design something out of the ordinary, something that expressed my dreams and fantasies and that transferred my fashion ideas to automotive design. I see myself driving this car and can well imagine my friends and cool people all over the world loving the unique design of this Smart.” We would have also accepted "I'm really keen to kickstart that Zoolander sequel."