Ride along in the world’s oldest surviving Ferrari

December 16, 2011

Two paths exist to hearing what Enzo Ferrari heard when he first began building racecars under his own name in the late 1940s. One is to catch them in the metal; the other is to get Jim Glickenhaus to let someone hold a video camera while he eggs on the world's oldest surviving Ferrari. This is a video like no other.

Glickenhaus may be America's foremost Ferrari enthusiast, not only collecting rare older versions but building his own Ferrari-based race car, the P4/5 Competizione, set to launch its second season next year. His 1947 166 Spyder Corsa -- regarded as the oldest surviving Ferrari,  a debate we lack either the knowledge or space to rehash here -- has been undergoing a full restoration in Modena, and earlier this month Glickenhaus took it for a shakedown drive.

There are people who would warn that aggressively driving what's likely an eight-figure car for a spin in city traffic risks not just financial damage but historical losses. Those people do not own this Spyder Corsa, and for that, we are thankful.