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Paul Newman’s helmet, Steve McQueen’s plastic up for auction

GE Anderson
December 5, 2012

Racing and film buffs will find several items of interest up for bid at "Drama, Action, Romance: The Hollywood Auction" put on by Profiles in History from Dec. 15 - 16. Paul Newman's racing helmet, for one (above), would make a nice addition to any would-be racer's garage collection. This was the actor's personal helmet he wore in Trans-Am races in the late 70s, and it comes complete with sweat stains and a letter of authenticity from Bob Sharp Racing; bidders should expect to pay up to $10,000 to land the patriotically painted Shoei.

Less compelling is the Gulf traveler's card (below), which features Steve McQueen's embossed name, but no signature. That's because McQueen never actually owned the card; it was merely a duplicate "held on file at Gulf Oil's corporate headquarters as a replacement, should McQueen damage or lose his," according to the auction catalog. If you're willing to pay the estimated $2,000 - $3,000, we also have a bridge embossed with Steve McQueen's name we'd be happy to sell you.