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OK Go uses a Chevy Sonic to play 1,000 instruments in “Needing/Getting” Super Bowl ad


The band OK Go may be famous as the four guys on treadmills who make videos Rube Goldberg would lust for, but this Super Bowl-debuting ad for their song "Needing/Getting" and the Chevy Sonic ranks as their most ambitious project yet. 

With driver/singer Damian Kulash Jr. at the wheel, and guitarist Andy Ross, drummer Dan Konopka and bassist Tim Norwind playing various parts of the Sonic, the song comes alive thanks to more than two miles of pianos, guitars, empty drums and household items lashed to fences in California, totaling more than 1,000 instruments. Most OK Go videos require a small army and untold number of takes to complete; this one required four months of planning, four days of shooting and stunt-driving lessons for Kulash.

But for those who rightly doubt what they see in this computer-generated age, the sounds and visuals are true to life; Kulash did all the driving, the music was captured live, and if you see a Gretsch guitar or old piano on the Los Angeles Craigslist that mentions they are "a little dusty," now you know why.