Nissan’s GT-R supercar gets performance tweaks for 2014

Aki Sugawara
November 27, 2012

Chief Engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno, the godfather to the Nissan GT-R, has promised to obsessively tweak the super car through its lifespan, and as the U.S.-spec 2014 model to be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show shows, he's staying true to his word.

Although the upgrades don't go as far as those in the 2013 model year, there are some notable internal changes. Engine output remains the same at 545 hp, but Nissan touts improved torque in the mid-to-high revs due to a new fuel injector design. The suspension still seemingly cheats the laws of physics, and changes in spring and damper settings contribute to a lower center of gravity, which improve high-speed handling. The Japan-spec 2014 GT-R ran the Nürburgring in 7:18 -- still a couple of seconds slower than the previous generation Dodge Viper ACR, but more than a 20-second improvement over the original GT-R that debuted in 2007.

Aesthetically the GT-R sees refinement upgrades inside, with the Black Edition featuring a red-accented steering wheel. A new optional premium interior package features semi-aniline leather as well as hand-stitched front seats.

With upgrades typically come an increase in base price, but Nissan has yet to reveal how much more it will ask to keep its obsessions going.