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Mercedes gold wraps fleet of cars for Cannes film festival, silencing haters forever

May 21, 2012

Mercedes gold wrap Cannes
Mercedes gold wrap Cannes

We were wrong. We were all wrong. All of us typing seagulls on the Interwebs whomever made fun of someone taking a power-up to their personal status by wrapping a car in shiny gold vinyl like a Studio 54 dancer were just misbegotten. Because this Mercedes CLS isn't some tuner's weekly paycheck, but an official product of the Mercedes-Benz company, the one that invented the automobile, created to haul stars around the Cannes film festival. I feel so schooled.

Mercedes says the fleet of limos and AMG cars offered as a shuttle service around Cannes this week mark the 65th anniversary of the Palme d'Or, the golden award given to the top film at the festival, which will probably be some twee arthouse confection since they didn't let "Battleship" screen in competition this year. By transporting movie moguls around a French resort town in Mercedes vehicles wrapped in faux-gold, Mercedes will show off the star power of its vehicles while making a subtle commentary on the fleeting nature of fame and the shallowness of public image manipulation. Or maybe not.